Godless Massachusetts Liberals

I’m beginning to think there are a lot of Massholes on the internet. Why?

Background: Melonie Griffiths-Evans buys a house with a terrible loan: $470,000, no money down, an ARM her broker insists can be refinanced rapidly to something she can afford. She should know better, though, because she’s a realtor. Sure enough, the broker disappears and the company he worked for has since been shut down by the state. And sure enough, Melonie got behind on payments and ended up in foreclosure. Now, the bank owns the house and wants her out of it, but city council and CityLife/VidaUrbana help her stay in the house.

It’s pretty much a field day for internet commentators. Theme one: “You liberal jackasses want to use my money to help idiots,” with a thinly veiled “those idiots are lazy black welfare queens” subtext. Theme two: “You heartless conservatives want helpless poor people to be out on the street,” with a thinly veiled “republicans are all racists” subtext. Theme three: “I rent, and everyone who bought a home they couldn’t afford is an asshole, and I hate them personally.” Theme four: “I blame the Jews.”

The first three at least seem somehow related to the topic at hand, but I’m just not sure where the fourth one comes in. Bizarre.

4 thoughts on “Godless Massachusetts Liberals”

  1. I’m with theme one, minus the lazy black welfare queens bit. Really, the feeling of entitlement felt by some crosses racial lines.

    I guess it’s inevitable that people will get screwed, but what’s worse: a (relatively) few people get screwed badly or a lot of people get screwed a little (with the total amount of screwing being done is a lot greater)?

    Rationally, the latter is worse, I think. I’m still not really sure.


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