Still some cockeyed optimism in the Boston real estate market

Today’s insane New England real estate listing: Nice Single Fam Home in need of a little TLC…. Close to restaurants and transportation.”

The street address: McGrath Hwy. Well, I suppose it’s technically a highway onramp rather than on the highway itself. Still, it’s kind of brazen Realtor-speak to use “close to transportation” to mean “actually on the highway.” The listing has no picture but look at the google map here and spin it around so you can see the view from the front steps:

The kicker: They’re asking $379,000 for it, although the agent says they’ll consider offers from $349 and up. Bad Realtor! Not only have they misdescribed the house, failed to include any pictures in the listing, and failed to help the seller pick a reasonable sale price, but they’re undermining the seller by announcing they’re interested in lowball offers.

3 thoughts on “Still some cockeyed optimism in the Boston real estate market”

  1. I’m surprised the ad doesn’t include something like, “cozy kitchen/bathroom combo- poop while you eat!” That also seems like something Somerville realtors would try to pass off as “charming”.


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