Facial Hair Day 10

The cheeks are looking uneven, but overall it’s soft and fuzzy now.

Facial hair growth, day ten

I still don’t know whether to file this under “deeds” or “people,” or for that matter whether it’s an incredibly stupid exercise in self-indulgence.

But then again, what are blogs for?

Saddle Rash

Sunday was hot and long and noisy and full of wind noise. Every biker in the world seemed to be out. I saw kids in not enough armor on ridiculously overpowered sportbikes, a couple guys in sweaty head-to-toe racing leathers riding flashy Italian sportbikes, and any number of choppers, cruisers, and even a custom drag-racing bike with an extended swingarm and what looked like a nitrous system.

At a gas station in Nashua I asked another biker what was up, and he said “I’m hot, my ass hurts, my fingers are numb, and I’m loving every minute of it.”

All told, I put over 650 miles on the bike this weekend. It was hot, my legs and shoulders are sore, the backs of my thighs are chafed and tender, and I loved every minute of it.

Everything’s Coming Up Millhouse!

Sunday I went to dinner at the lovely home of the lovely Vieve and there was ham, and Bookdwarf made pie. And yesterday for both breakfast and lunch I had ham and pie. I also ran four miles, so I felt that I deserved it.

The work search is humming nicely, and I hope to leave the rolls of the unemployed before the start of May.

Up With This I Will Not Put!

The unemployment website is broken today.

However, I’ve gotten an email from someone asking if I want to make up to $100,000 or more! The initial email was vague on the nature of the business, but invited me to an interview in Woburn.

The company has no website. I wrote back to ask what they do– they claim to sell insurance to small groups and individuals. Vault.com surveys indicate that they’re a multilevel marketing scam.

Which really makes me wonder, how hard did they read my resume before inviting me for an interview? The obvious keywords of “Woburn,” “sales,” “dupe,” and “sucker” are totally missing. What keywords are they looking for?