2 thoughts on “New Amazon Store”

  1. Last year I was hitching a ride in to work with a friend, and he needed to stop by the ball bearing store to see about getting new bearings for his bike wheel. It was fascinating. It never occurred to me that there would be such a thing as a ball bearing store. It’s one of those places where you go to the counter and they have those catalogues full of ball bearings of all shapes and sizes and hardnesses, for all kinds of machines, able to run under all sorts of temperatures and pressures and RPMs. The ball bearing guys (they knew *a lot* about ball bearings) were fascinated because they’d never had anyone in looking for ball bearings for a bicycle. They were asking all sorts of questions about how fast the bike wheel spins (turns out it’s *very* slow in ball bearing terms). My friend Jaime, who is one of those people who loves the very best technology, ended up getting the cheapest kind they had. Apparently there’s no need for “aviation-grade” ball bearings for a bicycle.


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