Work Profanity

I decided today that now that I’m employed I can swear on my blog again, so here is a post involving both work and profanity.

The Top Ten Sources parent company just bought Stylefeeder, which is a of multi-store wishlist, plus a way to share shopping lists, and also works as a way to browse for stuff that other people like. The revenue comes from affiliate programs.

It’s still got some kinks to work out– there’s bugs related to iframes and flash-heavy sites like the Icon Motorsports catalogue, but mostly it’s incredibly neat.

And then there’s the usual risks you run into when you let any random user add content to your site. I added my favorite Threadless shirt to my style feed and tagged it (accurately) as “Threadless t-shirt unicorns fucking.” The site dutifully added “fucking” as a keyword, and then suggested a link to Flickr photos tagged with the same word.

Still, it’s an incredibly neat site, and a lot easier to use than, say, Mugshot.

One thought on “Work Profanity”

  1. that’s a fantastic shirt with an even more fantastic name. afternoon delight, lovely.

    i’m jealous of your job, it sounds like it could be really diverse and eclectic.

    I just found a bunch of old tapes and discovered that my tape player on my stereo still works. And I found a mix tape that includes you reading The Hammer Poem and The Letter to Salvador Dali. What a blast from the past. I also found a hideous tape of me singing along to They Might Be Giants. yipes.

    This should probably be an e-mail, not a blog comment, but oh well.

    toodles. -m


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