Quiver Full

Awhile ago, Becks at Unfogged posted on some contradictions of “natural family planning,” notably that it actually causes more fertilized eggs to be lost than using condoms and backing them up with abortions. She suggested that the religious right ought to come out and admit to wanting a -on Quiver-Full policy toward fertility.

The Savage Love Straight Rights Update from last month has a similar warning: the right wants to take away your right to birth control.

Sure enough, Boston Catholic hardliner Domenico Bettinelli Jr. has begun to advocate exactly that. (He’s also got a rather interesting post about how any depiction of gays that doesn’t involve anal sex and bondage is a lie because we all know that they’re all violent angry unhappy people. Or something like that.)

Next up, a campaign against self-abuse, just like the good old days.