Onward to Canadia

I’m in Montreal, QC, today. Took the bike up yesterday, through Franconia Notch, stopping every sixty or hundred miles to stretch and try to keep my ass from falling asleep. Made excellent time: great weather, only a few short showers, and those kind of helped to clean the bugs off my face shield.

I’ve spent most of today nursing a hangover and cleaning up old sites at Top 10 Sources but I did manage to catch the last fifteen minutes of the Mexico/Angola match at a bar on Boul. St. Laurent. (Note to Luis: spoilers follow!)

It looked like Angola was pretty happy to hold Mexico to a draw– Mexico is a pretty strong team, and since it’s Angola’s first time at the cup, and since they lost to Portugal the first go-round, I guess expectations were pretty low. Underpromise and overdeliver, as the software kids say, and you’ll please your customers.

A lot of people complain that soccer is boring because it’s a low-scoring game. But really what it has is a lot of incredible saves, and that can make even a match with a final score of 0-0 a pretty exciting experience. As with any sport, it helps to know what the hell is going on while you watch it.

Also, Angola has a kick-ass flag.