Why Stylefeed?

Sometimes I like shopping– I like nice things and it can be fun to look at them, browse through them, occasionally buy one. There are other kinds of shopping I don’t like, though: I hate it when I need, say, a pair of pants to wear to a particular event, and they have to be in a particular style, and nothing is quite right, and I have to walk all the hell over town to find them, and if I do find them at all, they’re fifty bucks more than I want to spend.

Stylefeeder makes both kinds of shopping easier. If I’m browsing, it lets me keep track of what I’ve browsed through, and where, so if I go back and decide I do want it, it’s right there for me. If I’m looking for a particular item, it gives me a shortcut to all the similar items that other people thought were interesting. For example, if I wanted to buy some jeans, I could visit the stylefeeder jeans page, or even subscribe to its RSS feed, to see all the interesting jeans. And of course you can get more whimsical. If I wanted to buy some kind of cute thing for my girlfriend, there’s a whole page of cute.

The third thing it lets you do is find new stuff by recommendation from people you agree with. If I see interesting things that the user Phil has added, I can check Phil’s Stylefeed and follow his taste.

(Note: Yes, my company runs Stylefeeder).