Practical Jokes of Pathology

Narcolepsy is one of those diseases that seems half awful and half tasteless practical joke, like Persistant Sexual Arousal Syndrome. Sure, it’s horrible, but a video of a narcoleptic dog is the sort of thing that animates a slow news day. And you know, of all the things that could happen, it’s not awful. It’s not as bad as, you know, snakes on a plane.

2 thoughts on “Practical Jokes of Pathology”

  1. Yeah…thanks bro…way to mock my condition (the narcolepsy…not the persistant sexual arrousal syndrome, that is funny).


  2. Officially, I’m going to have to speak very sternly about your Snakes commentary.

    Unofficially, I’m going to have to vomit blood. ‘Cause today marks the, like, thousandth time I’ve listened to that track.


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