Stem Cells are Hott

Old-school internet curmudgeon JWZ has often been quoted as saying that all technologies boil down to helping the user get laid. Email, file-sharing, web-browsing, databases, whatever: it has to ultimately lead to getting some ass, because that’s the primary human drive.

The most direct software for that is, of course, dating sites. TechCrunch profiles 13 new ones. Do we need that many? Yes and no. Probably not all of them will survive. But on the other hand, if every website is the online equivalent of brightly colored plumage, then the world wants a hell of a lot more than 13 dating sites.

JWZ’s theory is flawed, of course: there are other human drives and not every technology is aimed at satisfying the reproductive urge. Stem cell research, for example, will probably never get anyone laid. And internet video of Josh Bolten’s defense of the stem cell veto has destroyed nearly all possibility that he will find sex, love, or work ever again.

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