Road Trip

Boston to Bloomington IN, 950 miles. Bloomington to Tuscaloosa, 500 miles. Tuscaloosa to Smyrna GA, 200 miles. Smyrna to Charlottesville: 550 miles. Charlottesville to Boston: 550 miles. Visit friends in each city, spend about a month doing it. Alone on a bike, etc. etc. Stupid, I know.

Next May, my brother is planning on coming back home from Bolivia the hard way: by car up the Panamerican. I told him I could ride down to Oaxaca or something, meet up and head north, cross the border in some incredibly sketchy town where Bolivian license plates and tinted glass don’t just mean a thorough search by the border guards, but death threats from locals who think you’re a competing coyote.

This is all background to explain the increasing amounts of motorcycle gear in my StyleFeed.

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