Only the Rich Make Good Parents

Ezra Klein discusses the impact of good parenting. Apparently there’s a lot of conflicting data about various child-rearing methods, but one thing that everyone agrees on is that you have to at least show up. Babies that get plenty of time with their parents do better in all sorts of ways.

Conservatives are all in favor of stay-at-home parenting, but somehow they oppose anything that will make it available to the average family. The wealthy are offered the luxury of spending time with their families, and the rest of the country does the parenting it can afford.

Just like health care: a well-fed, well-raised, well-exercised child will be a healthier, taller, fitter, more long-lived, smarter adult. And in the US, that seems to be the territory of the rich. So, where’s my minimum-wage and family-leave act now, Family Values Party?

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