Just for argument’s sake, let’s pretend that John Kerry and Kerry Healey divorce their spouses, then marry each other. Would Kerry Healey change her name to Kerry Kerry (and then go challenge New Hampshire’s Dudley Dudley to a double-name grudge match – unless, of course, Dudley Dudley then one upped her by marrying former wrestler Dudley Dudley, thus making her Dudley Dudley Dudley)?

Sprinkle Brigade are making neighborhoods look better by decorating poop they find on the street.

2 thoughts on “Giggles”

  1. i chose my gynecologist because his name was Thomas T. Thomas III. he turned out to be a great doctor, until he had an affair with a patient who later accused him of sexual assault. now i have to find a new doctor. sigh. there’s a Dr. Howard Johnson i’m seriously considering…


  2. At my old job once we were playing this game for a few weeks of coming up with ridiculous combinations of bands to go on tour together. Like “Duran Duran, Mister Mister, and The The (Live from Pago Pago!)”

    (It all started when someone said “It’s too bad Freddy Mercury isn’t still alive, because then Prince and Queen could go on tour together.” Other ones I remember include “Vanilla Ice / Cream”, “Poison and The Cure” and “MC Hammer, Nine Inch Nails, and The Carpenters”.)


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