User Interface Arguments

My boss Halley and I just had a major disagreement. I sent her an IM with the link to the Huffington Post’s parody of the NYT as seen by right-wingers, and she said she wanted me to email it to her. She wanted to send it to a friend, and she couldn’t copy and paste from IM on a Macintosh. I said, what?

She said, there’s no right-click, so how do you copy and paste?

I said, Command-C. She said, what? I said, select the text you want to copy and press Command-C. I mean, you could hold Control while clicking to get the context menu, and she said no no no, I am not going to learn some keyboard shortcut.

I said, it’s the most commonly known keyboard shortcut: Cmd-A for all, Cmd-C for copy, Cmd-X for cut, and Cmd-V for paste. Everyone knows those. People can argue about the intuitiveness Cmd-Alt-Esc for Force Quit, or Cmd-` for switch-windows-within-an-application, but Cmd-C is the most obvious keyboard shortcut in the world.

She said, I want to do it with one finger on a mouse. If I have to use the keyboard I won’t do it.

3 thoughts on “User Interface Arguments”

  1. jeebus. every single usb mouse or pointing device available works with macs. there’s a radio shack on the corner of jfk and mass in harvard square, tell the stubborn thing to go buy something with a right button and stop with the deliberate helplessness.


  2. after further testing, i also find that highlighting the text in ichat, by either triple clicking to select the line or by clicking and dragging to select a section, and then USING THE EDIT MENU to say ‘copy’ ALSO WORKS.

    or is she unwilling to use menus too? unwilling to select with a mouse? perhaps she would like it to read her mind and do what she wants?


  3. For the record, the key you’re abbreviating as “Cmd” is known as the “Splat” key.

    It’s a technical term, I swear.


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