User Interface Arguments

My boss Halley and I just had a major disagreement. I sent her an IM with the link to the Huffington Post’s parody of the NYT as seen by right-wingers, and she said she wanted me to email it to her. She wanted to send it to a friend, and she couldn’t copy and paste from IM on a Macintosh. I said, what?

She said, there’s no right-click, so how do you copy and paste?

I said, Command-C. She said, what? I said, select the text you want to copy and press Command-C. I mean, you could hold Control while clicking to get the context menu, and she said no no no, I am not going to learn some keyboard shortcut.

I said, it’s the most commonly known keyboard shortcut: Cmd-A for all, Cmd-C for copy, Cmd-X for cut, and Cmd-V for paste. Everyone knows those. People can argue about the intuitiveness Cmd-Alt-Esc for Force Quit, or Cmd-` for switch-windows-within-an-application, but Cmd-C is the most obvious keyboard shortcut in the world.

She said, I want to do it with one finger on a mouse. If I have to use the keyboard I won’t do it.

3 thoughts on “User Interface Arguments”

  1. jeebus. every single usb mouse or pointing device available works with macs. there’s a radio shack on the corner of jfk and mass in harvard square, tell the stubborn thing to go buy something with a right button and stop with the deliberate helplessness.


  2. after further testing, i also find that highlighting the text in ichat, by either triple clicking to select the line or by clicking and dragging to select a section, and then USING THE EDIT MENU to say ‘copy’ ALSO WORKS.

    or is she unwilling to use menus too? unwilling to select with a mouse? perhaps she would like it to read her mind and do what she wants?


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