Save the ponies! Won’t you think of the ponies?

House of Reps opposed to killing horses for food.

I don’t see why killing and eating horses is any different from killing and eating cows, chickens, goats, llamas, or buffalo.

““They’re as close to human as any animal you can get,” said Rep. John Spratt, D-S.C.”

No, that’d be chimps, dumbass.

“Added Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn.: “The way a society treats its animals, particularly horses, speaks to the core values and morals of its citizens.”

I agree that treating animals well speaks well of a society, but we kill and eat a lot of animals in this country. We also have secret prisons, export people to be tortured, and execute our retarded criminals.

And unlike the oil bills and agricultural bills so forth, I don’t even understand what possible constituents reps could be pandering to. How many six-to-twelve-year-old female voters could there possibly be?

One thought on “Save the ponies! Won’t you think of the ponies?”

  1. i find this a bit confusing. it says it bans the slaughter of horses for human consumption? but what about for animal consumption (i.e. dog and cat food) or for making secondary products like glue?

    anyway, this is largely to appease PETA types, i imagine. i’m a big horse lover and horseback rider (and was a vegetarian for 15 years), but i have no problem with slaughtering horses as long as it’s done humanely and the animals aren’t bred specifically for slaughter.

    as far as horses being as close to humans as you can get?? wtf?? horses are dumb. seriously. NOT intelligent creatures. they bear little to no resemblance to…wait a second…they ARE just about the same IQ as GW, i suppose.


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