It’s a Dirty Job That Won’t Make it to TV

I love the Discovery TV show Dirty Jobs. The premise is that buff, avuncular Mike Rowe goes around to help various regular joes out on dirty jobs: coal mining, crawfish hunting, disaster cleanup, whale autopsies, that kind of thing. At the end of every show, they ask viewers for their suggestions of new dirty jobs. None of my ideas, however, would be suitable for television:

  • Stripper
  • Fluffer
  • Marketing copywriter
  • Porn theater janitor
  • Doula
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Drug mule

2 thoughts on “It’s a Dirty Job That Won’t Make it to TV”

  1. ha. add mother to that list. i’m constantly covered in some bodily fluids that aren’t mine. i don’t get the doula thing though…they give back rubs and hand out ice chips and make sandwiches. midwife is probably gorier if that’s what you’re after. and paris hilton is probably even filthier than lindsay lohan. yeah?


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