Top 10 Sources for Mean-Spirited Political Posturing

Renew America: The goal of homosexuals is to infiltrate every area of society to force their disgusting sexual lifestyle choices — their perversions — on all Americans. They are doing it through legislation like “hate crimes bills,” and the Courts, using fear and intimidation tactics that would make the Nazis proud.

Where to begin? She thinks all homosexuals have the same goals. She uses a sarcastic rant from the late 80s as evidence of a conspiracy. She tries to blur the differences between teenagers and children, between gays and pedophiles, and between sins and crimes. And she lectures her readers while decrying people who claim to know better than others.

When I come across people running for president on an anti-mind-control-lasers-in-space platform, I pity them. I worry about their health when they begin looking for pliers to remove the tracking devices from their teeth. But when I see people like Madeline Crabb and the folks at PCC Monroe or the Lesbian Studies Institute, I can’t understand it. It can’t be explained as mental illness. It’s just… hateful.

Where do we go from here, America?

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