Slate’s got an article up on Democratic trade policy which covers the stupidity of thinking that Republicans are “free traders.” They quote the Economist as asking “So is America headed for a bout of protectionist class warfare?”

That’s the stupidist question I’ve heard in months. What do you mean headed for? Have you been paying attention to European steel, Canadian lumber, or Brazilian sugar? Did you follow the collapse of the Doha round of talks? No. The US has been achingly protectionist for quite some time. And class warfare? Give me a fucking break. Social security, tax breaks for the ultra-rich, corporate welfare, etc. etc.

The Dems are not exactly free-trade advocates themselves, and most people– left and right– people confuse reasonable expansions in trade with giving corporations free reign to loot businesses at home and abroad. But anyone who thinks the Democratic majority is going to make it worse for trade is not just incorrect, but ignorant.

2 thoughts on “Protectionism”

  1. They probably are. Despite the Republicans bad record with trade (and yes, I agree with you that it is quite bad), the Dem’s (historically) have an even worse one.

    Also, in terms of the Doha round, its sunk unless the Agricultural lobby in the US is not strong with the Dem’s and they vote to reduce Agricultural subsidies.


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