Sarah Silverman

I liked her in “The Aristocrats” and I liked her in “Jesus is Magic.” I haven’t yet seen her sitcom, but Slate seems to like it. It’s definitely got an angry edge that will leave it very little middle ground:

“She’s a white female, kinda Jew-y but totally hot, not out-of-your-league hot, just cute, long neck, really nice skin. She could easily pass for 20,” or so says a convenience-store shopkeeper (Masi Oka) in the episode “Batteries.” He’s giving this description to a cop because Sarah, who is 36, has just wrecked his store and stolen a four-pack of double-As. The cop gets on his radio: “Dispatch, we have a black male.” Force of habit.”

2 thoughts on “Sarah Silverman”

  1. I watched her last night, after seeing her in The Aristocrats. Her TV show was phenomenal. OK, there were a lot of ka-ka jokes. But the humor was fresh, new, twisted. The writing was really fabulous! Can’t wait till next week to see more.


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