Twentysomething Originality

Everybody loves a funny t-shirt. OK, many people, including me, like funny t-shirts from time to time. But I am growing tired of the fact that none of these hip t-shirt companies that keep popping up have ideas of their own: Derek Zoolander Center for Kids t-shirt at Noisebot, Derek Zoolander Center for Kids t-shirt at Snorg Tees. Let’s Hug It Out t-shirt at Snorg, Let’s Hug It Out at Noisebot.

According to the Noisebot “About Us” page, “Every one of us here at is in our 20’s. We don’t just sell this stuff. We live it every day.” Wow, man. That’s deep. You youthful entrepreneurs sure have hit the nail on the head. Your entire business is making ugly screenprints of other people’s stupid jokes. You’ve got a real sustainable brand there, because nobody else has ever thought it would be funny to do a half-assed Will Ferrell impression.

One thought on “Twentysomething Originality”

  1. you’re right, there are a lot of copy-cat designs from site to site. and although i appreciate the fact that it allows me to sometimes choose a different design for an idea i like, it’s usually obvious who’s got the better design idea.

    i do like me a good snarky shirt though!

    i found that is consistantly good and original. they receive submissions from the general public and print ones they think are winners…i believe they take into account the voting of the public on people’s designs as well. you’ll find more artsy things there, but there are commonly some good snarky-natured ones. the half-assed will ferrell ones they leave to the other sites. 🙂 not that i don’t like a funny will ferrell line on a shirt every now and then…


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