Regular Expressions Gone Wild

It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about regular expressions, but MySpace has made me do it again, and I’ll never forgive them. They’ve gone and implemented another security measure so poorly designed and poorly implemented it could have come from the TSA.

It’s an attempt to get stop people from screwing with CSS by replacing the string “style” with <myspace>style</myspace>.

On most of the boards, you can say “style” but you can’t link to any URL with “style” in it– such as, oh, And then in some places, you can’t even say “style.” The phrase “I prefer freestyle to slalom” became “I prefer free<myspace>style</myspace> to slalom” in one instance. But not in every instance– it’s not even consistent.

Next thing you know they’ll be asking us to take off our shoes and limiting us to three ounces of toothpaste.

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