Hoisted from Comments

The Too Much Beyonce? video conversation hasn’t stopped– and it’s spilled over to this blog, too, where someone has said: “Remember, homosexuality IS NOT A RACE OF PEOPLE. They’re mentally twisted individuals that pray upon the weak-minded innocent mislead youth. Unfortunately, that young boy in that video is already halfway to being a full fledged homosexual because His MOTHER made him that way.”

Many of the comments argue that it is only right and just to beat any gender-ambiguity out of our young. Others lament the “decline of the African-American male,” and combine it with the persistent fallacy that absent fathers cause homosexuality. Whatever they do, they need to blame someone for how that kid dances, because any kind of gender ambiguity makes them feel really uncomfortable.

All this just because he danced funny for five minutes– I imagine he’s going to get scolded and beaten and mocked until he acts just like everyone else. Just a reminder of how people don’t handle difference well… and specifically, the way it is a double burden to be both black and gay.

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