Some people seem to confuse being unpopular with being oppressed. Or perhaps they confuse the moderator of a message board with the government. Or they confuse house rules with censorship.

At any rate, Top 10 deleted a rude and profane post from one of our message boards, and got a new post:

Why the fuck did you take my blog down? It’s my fucking opinion. If I want to spice up my fucking postg with colorful words, why the fuck can’t I? I know where you all live and I will fucking kill all of you. Have a terrible fucking day.
(Posted by: Fucky Fuckenstein)

I’m not sure if I should I call you “Fucky” or “Mr. Fuckenstein,” but either way, let me tell you something: if someone saw that and thought you were serious, you’d be in a hell of a lot of trouble. You’re lucky we saw your post and deleted it quickly, and you’re lucky we can tell you’re an idiot, because you’re posting angry rants to a messageboard for children’s music fans. It’s a shame you put in a fake email address, because if you put in a real one, we’d have sent you a proper warning and you might have learned something.

You want to write that kind of crap? Get your own website.

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