The Alien and Sedition Act

I remember learning in grade school that the United States was a great nation because it was a nation of laws, not a nation of men. That is, the United States was just because nobody was above the law and it was durable because it did not depend on having a virtuous and charismatic leader at its helm at all times.

The Wall Street Journal disagrees. Now, for many years, the Journal’s editorial pages have been the land of crazy wingnuts, and the rest of the paper has been a decent source of information. However, this has gone on for far too long. The honest and factual side of the paper lends respectability to content that would otherwise be relegated to a rightist organ like the Washington Times or the Free Republic. It’s time for the paper as a whole to suffer the consequences of publishing this kind of trash.

There is simply no excuse for the legitimate journalists of the Wall Street Journal to be carrying water for those who advocate the dismantling of the US government and its replacement with tyrrany. Weren’t right-wingers just recently throwing words like “treason” and “sedition” around when people dared to criticize the policies of the government? THIS, my friends, is sedition.

One thought on “The Alien and Sedition Act”

  1. I think that Salon article would be more convincing without the armchair psychology.

    As far as the need for strong leaders goes, well, that’s really too complicated to write about in a 2″x3″ html widget.


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