Nuts on the News: Neal Cavuto

In the “why do we bother” column, Fox News’ Neal Cavuto brings crazy-ass people on TV. I can’t tell if he’s actually agreeing with them, or just giving them enough rope to hang themselves.

First, a segment that begs for a caption like “it’s not over til the fat lady sings” — Neal finds a group called National Action Against Obesity to claim that Jordin Sparks is fat and that fatties shouldn’t win singing contests. Maybe they’re part of the pro-ana movement or something, or perhaps it’s a desperate attempt to create news or controversy out of an otherwise boring American Idol finale. Either way it’s stupid.

Second, via Crooks and Liars, an argument so mismatched and stupid that it ought to be in the Onion’s “point/counterpoint” section. The “point” is a woman who says that the newest birth control pill that skips menstruation altogether is just as safe, just as useful, and just as good as the existing birth control pills. The “counterpoint” comes from woman who believes that all birth control is bad, and that NARAL and Planned Parenthood are conspiring with Big Pharma to enslave women in some kind of sex prison. Cavuto then suggests that birth control makes underage girls have sex. My theory: Fox is trying to drum up birth control controversy as an excuse to talk about teen sex, and we all know that teen sex is a huge seller.

Hey Neal! How about doing a special investigative report about how drunken idiots are annoying? Maybe you could bring in an expert about alien abduction and thought screen helmets— you know people are only drinking too much because they’re driven mad by alien mind control attempts and Morgellons disease.

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