Schmaltz, the beauty cure

My grandmother is all about the fish oil and Omega-3 fatty acids, but she has never once suggested to me that schmaltz could be an ancient Yiddish beauty secret. But somehow, a similar product is populating the underworld of paid-placement beauty blogs and infotainment: Emu oil. Yes, fat rendered from the large, flightless Australian bird. Allegedly used by Demi Moore as a beauty secret. Oprah is said to have endorsed it, although I don’t see why anyone trusts her– she’s also endorsed “The Secret,” a book about how wishful thinking will make you rich. (No, being Oprah makes you rich. Wishful thinking makes you a delusional sucker).

Emu schmaltz: It’s not just for frying kangaroo steaks, it’s also get rich quick scheme!

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