CNN Money talks about the seven dirty words: “Since the 10 A.M. argument was being televised live by the cable station C-SPAN, the judges soon began wondering about the decency of airing a legal argument on indecency. At the argument, after all, the Fox lawyer and the judges were repeatedly saying “fuck” and “shit.” (The FCC lawyer primly referred only to “the F-word” and “the S-word.”)”

2 thoughts on “Obscene”

  1. I just finished reading a book published last year about the “Howl” trial in San Francisco in 1957. The prosecutor’s use and discussion of the naughty bits were similarly hilarious.


  2. “If the word ‘f–k–g’ does not describe sexual intercourse,” asked a Morality in Media press release, “then what does it describe? Singing in the rain? Eating nuts? Picking flowers?”

    Popular at soggy SCA events: filking in the rain.


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