Cranky Letter To The Editor

Dear The Onion:

What’s with the right-wing, unfunny editorial cartoons? I could forgive the conservatism if they were actually funny, but they’re not. In most cases, they don’t even have an “editorial” point, like the farewell to the Sopranos. But mostly, they just seem to be illustrations of the ideas “I’m a grumpy old man who doesn’t get enough respect” or “won’t somebody think of the children?

Perhaps most egregious is the one that says having kids home from school is like having terrorists in the house. That’s like some sort of foul-mouthed Family Circus drawing, and not in the funny way, either. It may be offensive and poorly drawn, but it’s not funny and it’s certainly not an editorial commentary in cartoon form.

Is the guy an investor’s relative or something? There’s no reason to put those up on The Onion otherwise.

Aaron Weber

One thought on “Cranky Letter To The Editor”

  1. huh? i’ve always thought those were parodies of conservative cartoons. what with the metaphor actually written on the characters a la jim borgman or cox&forkum.


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