Cabinet of Natural Curiosities

A cabinet of natural curiosities was basically a renaissance man’s collection of weird and unexplained goodies from around the world: taxidermied exotic (or fictional) animals, religious relics, that sort of thing. My friend Jasmine started a band called the Cabinet of Natural Curiosities in the same vein: a collection of strange and interesting sounds turned into songs.

She’s based in Missoula, MT right now but had a gig in San Francisco at the House of Shields last weekend, and because I happened to be out there for work I got to see her play. Good show. Instruments included wind chimes, an alarm clock, guitars with a lot of different effects pedals, a child’s electronic keyboard, and some Christmas lights.

I don’t see her much: we had lunch a few years ago, and before that it had been at least a decade, probably more. She told me I ought to be writing poetry. I laughed.

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