Friday! Random Crap On The Internet!

TSG has the complete text of the new Barry Bonds lawsuit, alleging psychic damage, dog theft, and a conspiracy involving selling steroids to nuns. (Serious angle: the man filing the suit is already in prison, but should probably be in a mental institution instead. The incarceration nation rolls on.)

The Onion talks about a 2nd-grade production of “Equus.” Pretty good. Not as funny as the Girls Gone Wilde bit from Cat & Girl, though.

The NYT pans High School Musical 2 with much hilarity. In a particularly classy touch, they mock the fake-tanned actors while alluding to Olivier. See also Zac Efron, Please Stop Tanning, a blog dedicated to the tween heart-throb and his growing addiction to tanning.

This video of a Japanese waterpark is going around like mono.

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