Dumbassery, Warrantless Spying, And DUI

Yes, the mistake in Vietnam was caving in to liberal pussies and leaving. No, dumbass. The mistake was showing the hell up. The second mistake was not leaving sooner. The third mistake was massacres. The fourth mistake was blaming the liberals. Not like anyone’s going to remember the lessons of history. Even the people now admitting they were wrong are saying they were wrong for all the right reasons.

Bullshit. You were wrong. You should have known. I told you so. I fucking told you so, and you didn’t listen to me. Just admit it: Bush rushed in like the fool he is, and you cheered him on, dumbass.

And now look where we’ve gotten the Republic. We’re in a place where all evidence in a case is too secret to be used in court. In other words, government crimes are classified. If the NSA does it, that means it’s legal.

Not that it’s going to help us to know that now. It’s sort of like the secret list of buildings you’re not allowed to photograph. Take a picture and you’re under arrest. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. In fact, ignorance of the law is the law. Which ones did you want me not to photograph? Can’t tell you. Talk about news you can’t use.

News you can use: Driving a golf cart while drunk is still DUI, at least in Stockholm. At least he wasn’t taking pictures of Swedish army bases while doing it.

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