And I Swore I’d Never Read New York Magazine Again

NY Mag reminds me where I heard that song before– it’s the theme from “Brazil” and it’s everywhere right now. Notably, in this ad for Visa:

This series of advertisements strikes me as a cry for help from someone deep in the bowels of the advertising agency. They’re brilliant statements about how commerce is dehumanizing us all, but instead of being rejected out of hand and turned into low-budget short films shown in avant-garde cafes, they’re getting labeled as advertisements for credit cards. It’s as though the creatives are trying desperately to get fired and instead succeed because their bosses and clients are too stupid, or too cynical, or too distracted, to really understand what’s going on.

I read Apathy And Other Small Victories this weekend. It’s all about that kind of feeling. Hilarious but also deeply upsetting.

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