In Which I Am Clever (A Collection Of Bons Mots On Frivolous Subjects)

This weekend at a family gathering people raised their eyebrows at my line of business. Megan reminded me that it’s an opportunity to polish my writing skills and critical thinking abilities. Whatevs. I have been working on my one-liners.

This week, I described “K-Ville,” a serious cop drama set in post-Katrina New Orleans, as “Storm-damaged police struggle to preserve order in a storm-damaged city and their storm-damaged lives.” And tomorrow’s premier of “Kid Nation” is getting pegged as a “lawsuit-inspiring child-labor reality show, in which 40 kids head out into the desert and try to create a society without going all “Lord Of The Flies.” Spoiler: Piggy dies at the end.”

When some kid got Tasered at a political event, I obviously had to make it the video clip of the day. But since TV With MeeVee is a blog about entertainment, I kept the tone light by pointing out that the dude was now totally famous, and that the phrase “Don’t tase me, bro, AUUUUUUGHHHHH” was hilarious. You might think that’s in poor taste, but Michael Savage characterized the arresting officer as a “Bull-Dyke Fascist,” so I’m still well within the spectrum of acceptability. Here’s the clip:

On my other blog, I characterized Chloe Sevigny as the Christa McAuliffe of fashion. (That last is not an insult I invented, but it’s still totally great.) I’m also rather proud of the closing lines of an earlier dispatch about Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillippe, and depression: “Still, it’s touching to know that both Reese and Ryan experienced the same overwhelming, bottomless despair I feel every day when I wake up. I mean, wow, you know? Stars! They’re just like us! Only better-looking, and with more money, and with people who care about them!”

(Yes, really, that’s how the plural of bon mot is spelled. French declines the adjectives, you know.)

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