The Ongoing Exploits Of Snarky McSnarkerson

DexterfountainFrom co-worker Joel Brown’s review of Bionic Woman: “This is moody, broody stuff, and I don’t just mean because Isaiah Washington begins a multi-episode appearance next week. (We kid because we love! But not in a homosexual way!)”

From my Friday night TV recs: “Moonlight: Debut. This “Angel” knockoff just might be the best new broadcast-network drama on Friday nights. I’m pretty sure it’s the only new broadcast-network drama on Friday nights. Anyway, watch it if you have a thing for vampire detectives.”

Seriously, there’s nothing good on TV on Friday nights. Anyone with anything better to do is out doing it, so the Friday night audience is more or less captive.

Also I continued a crusade against replacing actors with robots, and insinuated that a number of famous people are totally gay.

You know, I try to make the world a little better every day, so I also explained to my readers how to spot a particularly fancy suit.

That’s me. Saving the world, one worst-dressed-list and near-libelous insinuation at a time.

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