Great line about the tax-and-spend Republicans from the New Yorker this week: “Saying today that tax cuts will increase tax revenues is not like saying that bombing Iran constitutes a sensible foreign policy, or that education vouchers will wreck the public schools. It’s more like saying that the best way to treat sick people is to bleed them to let out the evil spirits.”

And yet… and yet… people still believe. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. There are also people who think Saddam (or possibly the Jews, or possibly the CIA, or possibly Saddam in collusion with the Jews in the CIA) caused 9/11. These are people who believe that God truly has it in for the New York Yankees. I mean, sure, the Yankees are not my team. But I don’t think there is a divine force rooting for the Colorado Rockies because they prohibit Maxim and swearing in the clubhouse. Whoever wins the World Series will win through the normal, everyday non-miraculous combination of hard work, training, luck, and as-yet-undetected steroids.

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