Local Politics: Somerville Ward Six Alderman Race

The Somerville News has endorsed Charles Chisolm over Rebekah Gewirtz for Ward 6 Alderman, in a race that ends at eight tonight. They rail and fulminate against the “PDSers” or “PDs” or something. Not sure what that means, but everyone in the comments thinks they’re terrible people. Progressive Democrats, perhaps. That sounds about right. The change in Somerville over the past few years seems to have been from an old-fashioned Democratic machine based on church and blood ties to a new kind of Democratic machine fueled by yuppies and dog parks.

I voted for Rebekah mostly because Ron at the Davis Square LiveJournal Community thinks she’s good. But also because she lives near me. As I guess one might, running for an office as local as Ward Alderman. But if the Somerville News thinks she’s some kind of kooky liberal, that’s an extra incentive to vote for her.

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