What’s With The Strike?

You ever watch TV? Well, there’s this strike going on. You might have heard about it. You might or might not care. Here’s a video explaining what’s going on:

Basically, writers have been paid 2.5% of profits for reruns on TV, less than 1% for DVDs, and just about nothing for internet viewing. They want 2.5% for everything, because, hell, content is content, right? Disney boss Michael Eisner and the rest of the big studios are saying that there are no profits on internet viewing to share. That’s kind of a lame excuse, though, because if there are no profits, it won’t hurt to promise to share 2.5% of them.

Basically, the conflict boils down to the fact that Michael Eisner and the rest of the studio heads are selfish assholes.

One thought on “What’s With The Strike?”

  1. Just for the record, Michael Eisner is no longer CEO of Disney, having been ousted a few years back in favor of Robert Iger. Eisner is now in charge of Topps, as in the baseball card company, which makes it unlikely he’d be solicited on his opinion of writers’ residuals.


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