Obama Has A Posse

Obama posterObey Giant, the people (person? RISD graduate, if I’m not mistaken) behind those “Andre The Giant Has A Posse” stickers that were so popular late in the last century, has decided to endorse Obama the only way they know how: With a semi-legal wildcat postering campaign.

Fortunately the poster doesn’t say OBEY OBAMA or OBAMA THE GIANT HAS A POSSE. That’s gotten more than a little tired. What they do have is a pretty damn good poster.

It’s got a little of that punk stencil influence, and a little of the socialist realism influence, but not so much of either that it says anything about that. The strong lines just say strength and the colors say he bleeds red white and blue.

Nat Friedman, my old school friend, boom-time employer, and (perhaps most importantly) one of those geniuses behind a lot of hot Linux software is also endorsing Obama.

You should donate some money. Or write a blog post about considering donating money but deciding to spend the money on booze instead, you know, to support the economy. The booze economy. It’s an important economic sector, you know.

Point being, Obama’s on a roll, but there’s still time to join the winning team without seeming like you’re just jumping on the bandwagon.

I can only hope that his politics of hope and dreams and optimism and progress actually translate into dully sensible economic policies like progressive taxation, lightly-regulated trade, a decent guest-worker program, and so forth. Because I can find the cloud inside every silver lining, I will point out that I don’t know what Obama will be able to do without cooperation from Congress, and that whoever wins the White House is going to have some unenviable wreckage to clean up. Look at the economic stimulus bill going through right now: “The CBO estimated that the most effective stimulus idea would be a temporary boost in food stamps. They concluded that the second most effective stimulus idea would be an increase in the duration of unemployment benefits. Democrats proposed both of those things. But Republicans wouldn’t go along with either. So in order to make the bill bipartisan, the best idea was stripped out. And so was the second best idea.”

2 thoughts on “Obama Has A Posse”

  1. Tired?

    “Obama has a Posse” stickers might be the best political groundswell a Presidential primary campaign has had since Robert Kennedy. Like open source software or a virus. Maybe not as sharp as the Progress Poster above, but downloadable at home and ready to post.

    Check out awgblawg.blogspot.com for a template.


  2. Let’s not forget he said things like “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.” in defense of his tax plan.. If killing UBL and passing a healthcare program (that 70% of Americans hate) are the only things worth running on… How can Clinton not take a run at this guy?


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