Where Should I Really Be Living?

It’s cold and wet here. And expensive. Yet people tell me frequently that Boston (and environs, such as my home of Somerville) are awesome. And to a certain extent, I agree. But on cold, wet, evenings, I often think… couldn’t I be somewhere… better? Boston may be great, but is it The Greatest City In America?

Apparently not: Search for “The Greatest City In America” and you’ll come up with… Baltimore!

Since we know that Google never lies (see also the search for “dangerous cult“), I’m obviously going to have to move to the Charm City.

2 thoughts on “Where Should I Really Be Living?”

  1. I was just in Baltimore last week. “Charm City” is the their Chamber of Commerce is trying to attach as a moniker. Baltimore magazine had an interview with a local humorist/writer, who came up with a tag line that was something like” Baltimore — not really all that bad.” This seems closer to the mark.


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