Misogyny From My Heroes

Tim Gunn insulted Hillary Clinton’s fashion choices on “Conan” the other night, and as frivolous as that is – a catty comment from a fashion expert on a late-night comedy show is not much of a sting for a grownup – I’m increasingly irritated with it. Yes, I expect Tim Gunn to talk about fashion, and everybody talks about what Clinton wears – even she does, and quite critically at times. She’s not a clotheshorse. She dresses appropriately for her job. Whatever. Can we get on with it?

I’m increasingly irritated by a misogyny that I’ve never really seen before. People can’t or wont take women seriously at the top level of politics, but I see it in tech, and virulently in film and media. Wolcott is on the case, of course, but that’s not exactly going to help much. Oh no, some guy from Vanity Fair is calling out the prejudices of our time.

And this Rocketboom video of general ignorance isn’t exactly encouraging. I can only hope it’s some kind of hoax.

Here’s the Tim Gunn clip, in which he smears Clinton as “mannish,” which he surely knows is about as classy as just out-and-out calling her a man-hating dyke:

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