Terms Change: Words That We Dare Not Utter

When I was in college, “another round” always referred to beer. When I began to work in startups, it referred to venture capital. This happens to a lot of words and acronyms and such. Today’s example: The phrase “The N Word.”

It seems that to some people “the N word” refers not to the expected racial slur, but to “nationalization.” It’s still a dirty word in US politics, but it’s not yet used with enough frequency to warrant the euphemism, really. Still, we are hearing talk of federal bailouts with greater frequency, even among those who are otherwise inclined to natter on about small government policies.

Are we in a recession? Yes.
Did I tell you so? Yes.
Did wiser folk than I say the same? Yes.
Were we all roundly ignored? Yes.
Do the folks who didn’t see it coming insist that nobody saw it coming? Yes.
Is this just like the Iraq war? Yes.

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