Mexico’s Version Of Mods/Rockers Riots

There was a brief period in the UK at the beginning of the sixties when mods (scooters, pills, fancy clothes, The Who) fought violently with rockers (motorcycles, beer, leather, Elvis). These days in Mexico, it’s emo versus all the other subcultures. When I first saw the headlines on BoingBoing I figured it was some kind of prank, but no, it’s serious:

These days, motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts get together and have mods-and-rockers parties together. There is no rioting; it’s more of a get-together with talk about restoring old machines. Hell, there’s a clothing line named after the US equivalent, the Hollister riots. I wonder whether the emo vs. everyone else riots will have a similar nostalgia in 2038.

2 thoughts on “Mexico’s Version Of Mods/Rockers Riots”

  1. This explains why I beat up the emo kid down the hall today! I got out of my car, and there he was, leaning on the wall, smoking languidly, all in his woman jeans. So I hit him with a bag with a few canned goods in it. Then my child kicked him a few times, and we went and watched Curious George. Just a day in the life, man.

    BTW, do you think the world is ready for a clothing line called “Watts?”


  2. I don’t really see the point of beating up emos. Take Lotte, for example. She doesn’t need to punch, kick, or slap Werther. She can just give him two pistols, and he’ll take care of the rest all by himself.


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