Assorted Linkage

A boat in a harbor is safe, but that is not what boats are for.

The American gulag differs from the Soviet system in two ways: we don’t use forced labor and have fewer prisoners. But it’s still an unaccountable system of political imprisonment. Add in the overcrowded criminal justice system – one percent of the US population, if I’m not mistaken, many of them nonviolent drug offenders – and we’ve got something history will regard as monstrous. See also: 5 Things You Should Know About Crack.

Dr. King was a radical. Everyone should read The Vietnam Speech. Also worth reading: The National Review’s 1959 coverage of King’s speeches. It’s amazing that a magazine that vile still exists today. But then, I guess that as late as 1983, John McCain voted against MLK day as a national holiday (see Jack And Jill Politics for details on McCain’s civil rights idiocy) and he’s still employed, too.

Print Liberation is selling Barack Obama shirts that don’t actually send any money to Barack Obama. Is this helpful? It feels sleazy to me. They are pretty shirts though.

Conspiracy theorists are going to love the alternate economic data from Shadow Stats. It’s got things like more sophisticated inflation metrics and unemployment figures that include discouraged workers. And yes, all their figures are more pessimistic than the official figures.

One thought on “Assorted Linkage”

  1. The King speech is incredibly relevant. One can almost do a find/replace to switch Vietnam to Iraq and the speech becomes an all too accurate description of the moral failing of the Iraq war.


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