I’ve Never Seen A Stork Look So Disappointed

A stork delivers a baby, struggling through waves and storms and deserts, pausing only to fight wolves to make it safely to suburbia, and then is really let down that the baby grows up to be a functionary in a gloomy office. Message: Are you living up to your potential? If not, use our website to find a new job. Oh, crap. Are you crying at an advertisement again? Yeah, that’s always embarrassing.

The ad leaves me with more questions than answers. I mean, is it a good idea to make your potential customers feel really horrible about themselves? Why would the stork stop to fight wolves, when it could just fly around them? Can birds really experience disappointment, and if so, would they communicate that emotion with facial expressions while looking at you through rain-streaked glass? How long do storks live, anyway? Has anyone actually found a job on Monster? (Seriously, as far as I can tell, that website is useful if you are a company that has a candidate to fill a job opening, but needs to pretend to advertise the job to avoid legal troubles.) Ads Of The Weird isn’t convinced it’s a great ad either, especially given the quality of a lot of the jobs on the site.

3 thoughts on “I’ve Never Seen A Stork Look So Disappointed”

  1. This reminds me of a song (URL to lyrics and mp3 download in my “Website” above) written by a guy who quit his job in the software industry to become a musician.


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