No Comment From Lesbian Lesbian Community Groups On This One

The isle of Lesbos is home to some 250,000 Lesbians who are gay, straight, and otherwise, and until now it hasn’t been much of an issue that there’s both a place and an orientation named after that place. But at least three Lesbians are annoyed that people confuse people from Lesbos with, you know, lesbians.

They want the national courts to force a name-change on the Homosexual And Lesbian Community Of Greece. It’s not that they have anything against lesbians, of course. They just want them to be described as homosexual women so as to avoid implying an official endorsement of lesbians by the Lesbian government.

Meanwhile, across Europe: The town of Champagne, Switzerland, is having some similar troubles. Their wines and crackers cannot legally be labeled as coming from Champagne, even though they do, in fact, come from Champagne.

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