Where The Guns Are: New Hampshire

Live free and die, baby!

Bronwen At the Display Case

We finally got our hands on some firepower this weekend! Megan and I and her pals Bronwen (above) and Heather drove up to Manchester on Sunday to visit the open and functional gun range in New Hampshire instead of that shuttered misfortune in Worcester. I’ll just go ahead now and say it was totally freaking awesome, and that I am glad that New Hampshire exists.

When we got inside the shop, there were two big dudes with imposing beards renting an enormous piece of machinery that I was later told was the legendary MP-5 submachine gun. I was more than a little intimidated, and I really expected the guys behind the counter to be at least as condescending as record-store clerks. They were not. They really liked guns and talking about guns, and they were glad to share their interest with us. They explained how each one worked, and made sure we understood it, without being jerks and without being rote about it either.

We rented one lane and started with the beginner’s choice, a Ruger .22 pistol. After ten rounds of ammunition each, we swapped it for a pair of larger guns: a 9mm Beretta and a Smith & Wesson .38 revolver. The Beretta was fine: Although its magazine was quite difficult to load, it held fifteen rounds, so you didn’t have to do it often. The revolver held only five rounds, but it was far, far easier to load. And it was by also incredibly, impossibly loud, even with the enormous earpieces. It was also difficult to aim, but whatever – loud noises and smoke and a few holes somewhere on the target were enough.

I kind of want to come back. And bring my parents.

One thought on “Where The Guns Are: New Hampshire”

  1. Yup, that place is awesome. Went a couple of months ago and actually rented the MP5 SD you mentioned. As you said, the staff was friendly, considering no one in my group had so much as held a firearm before. I’m definitely going back to try out some more stuff.


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