One Way To Teach A Mayor About Police Power

Someone shipped 32 pounds of marijuana to the wife of the mayor of a small Maryland town just outside of Washington DC. The mayor came home, found a box on the doorstep, and brought it inside. Then a SWAT team broke down his door, shot his two Labrador dogs, and took the dope. Now, if that was the mayor’s weed, or the mayor’s wife’s weed, that was very very strange. But what if it wasn’t?

What if someone wanted to teach the mayor about what it’s like to have cops break down your door and kill your dogs? Having drugs delivered to his house would be a good way to do it.

2 thoughts on “One Way To Teach A Mayor About Police Power”

  1. Yeah, but who hates the mayor enough to waste *32 pounds of weed* in the process? I mean, wouldn’t a lesser quantity of weed be sufficient? Perhaps this was 32 pounds of ditch weed, the volunteer weed commonly found in areas where hemp was once cultivated and mostly useful for making rope.


  2. Well… maybe he passed a city ordinance that was “really unfair” and ‘he had it coming to him’ and ‘those slobbery dogs were always trying to lick my face and .. and . Where’s my ANTHRAX DAMMIT….


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