Food Of The Olympians

In my eyes, the Olympics, like the Super Bowl and the Oscars, are mostly an excuse to have a party with snacks and a theme. For the Super Bowl, of course, you have hearty midwinter fare. For the Oscars, there are more options: Elegant finger food, things served in movies, foods based on movie puns (There Will Be Blood Pudding, anyone?) or of course foods that actual Hollywood stars eat (superpremium vodka, diet soda, cocaine).

But what do you serve at an Olympics party? Ambrosia, because it’s Olympian? Chinese food, since the games are in China this year? Power Bars and Gatorade because it’s an athletic event? Or maybe I should serve factory-farmed meat since it’s an athletic event rife with doping and a total lack of concern for the long-term health of the participants?

Maybe we’ll go with Chinese health food at the table and an HGH or EPO injection station in the back room.

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