Gender Audits

Rumor has it that the anti-gay-marriage ballot initiative (Proposition 8) in California is gaining in the polls. To fight back, one pro-marriage group has put together an ad appealing to small-government types, suggesting that Prop 8 means crotch-checks at the altar.

2 thoughts on “Gender Audits”

  1. God, I hope this doesn’t pass. On Monday, I’m setting up an ActBlue page to funnel money to the No on 8 campaign. Expect an email begging for cash when I do. (Or, more likely, a Facebook bomb.)

    (The above video is by the Courage Campaign.)

    Can I start the “Married Gays in Massachusetts Opposed to CA’s Prop. 8”? I need a catchier name though. “Mass Queers Say No to 8 Hate”? Erm, have to think about it…


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