One thought on “Every Time Anyone Publishes A William Kristol Editorial”

  1. What I find most laughable about the article was the implication that the “well-educated types on Wall Street” and “highly educated and sophisticated elites” who are chiefly responsible for the economic crisis are part of the liberal elite. Remember, Joe, anyone who has ever read a book (other than the Bible, I suppose) is a liberal and not to be trusted! I’m really not used to having conservatives vilify Horace; conservatism isn’t what it used to be. It’s also clear from Kristol’s sesquipedalian vocabulary that he’s not really speaking to Joe the plumber; rather, he’s addressing the liberal classicists who read the NYT Op-Ed page.

    I’m not so bothered by his xenophobia comment. My perception is that the post-9/11 xenophobia (ignoring that which targets mostly Latinos) peaked in 2001 with misguided attacks on turban-wearing Sikhs, and it has been in decline since that peak. It happened, but it passed for the most part. The much-feared wave lingers on as distrustful stares, but I’ve heard few reports of violence against Muslims (or Sikhs) in the US since late 2001.

    Given the nature of the crowds at McCain-Palin rallies, I wonder whether Kristol is disappointed in the ignorant crowd not being sufficiently vocal or active. “Just you wait! The ignorant mob will rise up yet and save the GOP!”

    Frankly, I think NYT runs Kristol’s column to make Krugman look that much better by comparison. Maureen Dowd was complaining on the 14th how hard it is to compete now that Krugman has ascended to a plane above the Pulitzer.


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